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At Total Access, we carry the very latest commercial elevators from the top brands on the market. We've partnered with Symmetry, a company that places great emphasis on quality, style, and design. Their LU/LA (Limited Use/Limited Application) elevators provide easy access for low occupancy and low rise commercial buildings.

LU/LA elevators are ideal for up six stops, ranging between 25 feet to 40 feet, and can accommodate about 1,400 lbs. These commercial elevators are limited to certain speeds and capacities in an effort to remain code compliant. LU/LA technology is specifically designed for use in settings such as schools, churches, multi-family housing units, low rise commercial buildings, libraries, municipalities, and other governmental spaces.

If you're interested in learning more about our commercial elevators, be sure to explore the following sections. Our modern elevators are sure to operate at maximum efficiency for years and years to come. You can rely on our certified retailer to provide unmatched assistance throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and all the surrounding regions.

  • Easier accessibility throughout your building for your staff, customers, and visitors
  • Potential to reduce property damage and injuries that can occur while using the stairs
  • Having a new elevator system installed can potentially increase the value of your property
  • For a LU/LA elevator, the space required is about half of what's required for standard elevators
  • Compared to a vertical wheelchair lift, the LU/LA elevator allows increased capacity
  • LU/LA may be the answer if you need a heavy duty accessibility solution that everyone can use
  • There are many built-in safety features including an alarm button, emergency lighting, battery backup, manual lowering and more

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Elevation LU/LA Systems

  • 1:2 cable hydraulic drive system
  • 2 stop operation which can be increased up to 6 stops
  • Green drive system by adding environmentally biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • 36" wide doors, automatically horizontally sliding, two speed hoistway and car door
  • 36 Month limited warranty covering replacement of parts!
  • 40 ft/min with variance
  • Fire rated cab gates
  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 fire service
  • Custom wood cabs
  • 50' travel with variance and derated capacity
  • Emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting
  • Emergency stop and alarm buttons
  • Emergency manual lowering
  • ADA compliant hands free phone

Orion LU/LA Elevator

  • Can be applied as a commercial LU/LA or residential elevator
  • Up to 1400 lb (635 kg) capacity
  • Maximum travel distance 300"
  • Up to 5 stops
  • 3 year parts, ask us for details!
  • Fire recall service
  • Brass fixtures
  • 90° and opposite door configurations
  • ADA compliant hands-free phone
  • Overspeed Governors
  • Emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting
  • Emergency stop and alarm buttons
  • Emergency manual lowering
  • Safety brakes