Washington, D.C. Area

Formally the District of Columbia, the city of Washington sits as the federal capital of the United States. The area known as Washington was founded in 1791 after the American Revolution. This settlement was established as the home of our federal government and as an important political capital for which we know it by today. The capital itself borders the states of Maryland and Virginia as well as the beautiful Potomac River.

Since 2018, Washington, D.C. is now home to over 700,000 people, with many traveling outside the surrounding areas into the capital for work and leisure. In this bustling city, many of the historical and business buildings house international organizations, unions, museums, and other professional companies. As the headquarters for a variety of multi-level residential and commercial properties, Washington needs an experienced elevator & stairlift company, and that company is Total Access Elevators and Lifts. Our reliable team understands the needs of capital residents and business offices, which is why we offer solutions for each situation.

Our accessibility solutions include elevators, stairlifts, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair lifts for different types of buildings. The residential and commercial elevators we supply are fully ADA & ADAAG compliant, require low maintenance, can be customizable and is affordable for your specific needs. If you or your clients have difficulty climbing stairs, Total Access Elevators and Lifts also provides a selection of residential and commercial stairlifts from top manufactures, that can fit into different areas and budgets. Similarly found in large hotels, the use of dumbwaiters has become used for more convenience in multi-story buildings. Our residential and commercial dumbwaiters come in a range of styles and lifting capabilities (50 to 500 lbs.). Our company also provides accessibility solutions for those that rely on a wheelchair. The wheelchair lifts we offer are affordable and flexible for indoor and outdoor capabilities.

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