Greater New York City Area

Long Island, New York City, and the Hudson Valley are some of the areas in New York that Total Access Elevators and Lifts is proud to serve. The Hudson Valley is an area that runs through the Capital District of New York and borders New York City. It also encompasses quite the scenic route up and down the Hudson River.

New York City is home for 8,500,000 people and has 5 boroughs over 302.6 square miles. In the city, most buildings are multileveled and include some sort of elevator to move between floors both in residential and commercial settings.

Long Island encompasses parts of NYC including Brooklyn & Queens. Long Island has a land area of 1401 square miles. Its population is just under 8 million making it the most populated island in the entire country.

Total Access Elevators and Lifts proudly serves all 3 of these regions. We know the residents of New York City, Long Island & Hudson Valley, want ease of access in their homes or in their business offices. We offer plenty of solutions for multi-level buildings. Some of our solutions include elevators, dumbwaiters, and lifts all of which we offer for both residential and commercial uses.

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If you are in the greater New York City area, and are looking for commercial or residential wheelchair lifts, stairlifts, or elevators, give Total Access Elevators and Lifts a call. We offer commercial and residential wheelchair lifts & stairlifts. Some of our other options include dumbwaiters, ceiling lifts, power door openers, and home elevators. We have an experienced team who will ensure that the elevators or lifts are up to standards. If you think you want to know more about the products and services we offer, visit a showroom or call us today!